Friday, July 4, 2014

Heart Beats in a Hot Tub

Much of my time spent in thought this summer has been rather self-centered. I can tell because I feel lonely and my problems seems ridiculously large.
Since joining the LDS church I have learned a great deal about my life and this world. One aspect of everything that I am reminded is balance. Nearly everything has a balance that is in constant maintenance. The easiest example is breathing. Always in and out, and as long as I live it will never stop going back and forth.
It is important that I look to my own care and be sure of my health. However, I am not alone, and I can provide for more than just myself. But not always. Here is where I see a balance. Between independence and interdependence.
I believe that it is important to be independent and interdependent. This because I saw ripples in the still water of the hot tub. It was my heart beat causing the ripples. Rhythmic and without fail, ripple after ripple moving in the water.
In a way my just being alive causes ripples around me and affects everyone else.
So anyways, it's about time I begin realizing where I am and who is around me.
God help me.