Sunday, May 18, 2014

Am I Willing?

We visited the Pearl Harbor monument today. It took awhile to drive down to Pearl city and I slept most of the way. After a night of dancing I was tired and not really into a long day.
Spending the time at this particular place was moving for me.
I never learned much about the surprise attack from the Japanese in WWII. Being there was particularly unique. The iconic white monument out on the water sits above the Navy destroyer the USS Arizona. It was one of those completely destroyed in the attack. Most of the crew perished and their bodies still lie under the water where the ship had sunk in the bay.
My great uncle Charlie, my Mom's Dad's brother, was in Pearl harbor during the attack but was one of the soldiers given leave and he was at church during the attack. He survived because of this.
Anyways. I reflected and wondered at my own willingness to sacrifice.
I appreciate these moments. 

Friday, May 16, 2014

Delays and Blessings

I don't typically get excited for any trip I go on until I'm on the plane. In this case the excitement did not hit me until I was sitting in first class flying from San Francisco to Honolulu.
Before that happened there were a number of set backs.
Getting to Seattle from Anchorage was fine. Window seat with plenty of time to try and sleep. But after getting there I found out my next flight was delayed, three hours. So I miss my next flight. The nice man at the desk put me on another flight and away I went. Well the plane left another half hour late and we were finally in air. I had to wait another 3-4 hours in San Francisco and when I stepped on the plane I went back into economy looking for aisle eight. None back there. I turn around and what's left? First class. Walking up there I thought it was a mistake. Then I found my seat and realized one of the best parts of today.
That nice man put me in first class. For about 20 minutes I was a little kid, wondering what all I could get for free. Mimosa? Brandy? Wine? All for free?! I 'll have water, thank you. They even fed me dinner, a rib eye steak with salad. For dessert? Ice cream sundae. I laid down and watched some movies, played my ukulele. It was at this point I felt like I was on a vacation. Thank you. Thank you God. Thank you nice man at the counter.
After a somewhat stressful night of figuring out rental car, getting food, and finding where we are staying at... it was time for something awesome.
Brennan, Dakotah and I walked a few minutes to the beach and ran along the beach, then we swam in the ocean for awhile. I touched the ocean.
Thank you Mom.
Here's to two good weeks of vacation.

Friday, May 2, 2014


I have a time machine that I will often run away to. Every one of my spare minutes, seconds even, are spent there. Getting lost in time and space has become the pastime of my life.
My time machine is my memory.
Pride for me comes in knowing and understanding. Love also translates in my mind as knowing and understanding, but not just anything. In understanding and being understood I am loved and loving.
So where do I often resort to? Moments in time where I felt and believed that I was loved, and in which I loved.
Snowflakes of the soft and delicately floating sort bring to my mind a memory of serenity. Uncertainty and potential confusion lashed at my mind during the hour long drive from Greenbay to Escanaba. After pulling into the driveway hidden in the woods and faced with my new residence for weeks to come, there were snowflakes. It only takes a moment, to solidify a memory. What else it takes is effort and concentration. Taking in the environment and recognizing the star-like shining from the snow around my feet. I decided in that moment that it would all be okay. I knew and understood that God loved me, and I loved Him.