Thursday, February 23, 2012


The thought left a bitter taste upon my tongue
Funny how despair rhymes with fair
When it isn't I'm in it

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Inspired Beginning

It has been my goal to seek out inspiration and take a nice long shower in that refreshing storm. The resulting sprouts and growths yield fruits of all shapes and sizes and tastes. A recent downpour instilled great passion within my heart. These words are the fruit. Eat them, savor them, tell me what it tastes like and I will endeavor an enjoyable conversation.
Consider with me the experience of love.
Why do you love? (seriously ask yourself as I have and I'll share my answer). I love because it invokes a wider range of emotion which my heart previously had not endured. I love because it is beautiful. I love because it has ennobled me, refined my being. I love because it inspires.
Why do you love what you love? I love the sunset painted sky because it is magnificent, and in a moment it is different yet glorious still. I love the new child because their thought is unique to me, to you, to all of us. I love the soft snowfall in quiet serenity.
How do you love these? I stop for the painted sky, I gaze deep and contemplate how the colors play. I listen to the child. I dance among the snowflakes.
Not once has the snowflake asked for my heart, my love. One day I decided that my heart would go with him, from the greatest height and following the slow descent until finally he dissolved in my hand.
So it is with my love. I decide where it will go and upon whom or what it will envelop. I love beauty. I love purity. I love kindness. I love mercy. I love courage. I love all that is light.
Become enamored with your thoughts
the quiet ponder, the magnificent epiphany
decide on what you love and think on that
Become enamored with your thoughts