Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Is Tinder Worth It?

It’s a Match!
How many matches have I gotten so far? Wait, did I forget to message him back? I’ll be flirty and make up for it. So that’s a date for lunch, and a dinner date. Wow! I won’t have to buy myself food for awhile at this rate.
My very first Tinder date shocked me when I asked her how many dates she’d been on in the last month since she downloaded it. “I think it’s been around 30”. You think?! And this as we’re at the movies waiting for a current release to start, after I bought her a medium-priced dinner.
I find it extremely difficult for me to peer through my narrow lens of cynicism and experience to see the good in Tinder, yet here we go.
Appalling as this estimation was, it embodies the obvious benefit for women. Women swipe much less than men, leading me to believe it’s because of how many matches they have and can’t keep up. This girl was by no means a bombshell, and neither was she unattractive. She was mildly attractive at best, something the right angle can significantly mask on a profile picture. Yet her success could encourage any woman to get the app and start swiping today.
If your biggest concern is not getting asked out and not having options, sign up for Tinder. The stats favor you!
While you will have to use your instincts to weed out the ones you’ll never tell Mom about meeting, it can be fun and worthwhile. That is if your fun and worthwhile consists of spontaneous escapades and free food. Wait, that does sound pretty good. Can I get a sex change? Sorry, spaced for a moment to laugh at funny cat memes after losing myself down a rabbit hole of wondering where misogyny really is. Speaking of which, here’s a raccoon holding a kitten
Where were we? Oh right! Instant gratification.
If you aren’t in the game for something serious and are “looking for an adventure”, you should definitely check out the Tinder game. One woman made her success in actually turning it into a game with her friends! She is actually in the news for having stepped down from her infamous game of who could get the most food out of this app. If you don’t believe me yet, you won’t have to look farther than this account of a high rolling woman in the bay area of California.
She gives a fairly comprehensive insight into the benefits of Tinder in a fast-paced culture where efficiency cuts through the excess and gets you to right where you want. It’s just like if you were in a bar or club and notice someone hot, except now you get to choose from the comfort of your home without the trouble of putting on makeup and doing your hair.
But really. Let’s get down to it.
Self-esteem, body image, respect for women. These are all big issues today and sometimes we just need a boost to get us past the initial leap into confidence. Tinder is a great way to get matches and start that fire.
If you still don’t feel comfortable and think it will let a lot of people down if you aren’t actually there to date, just know that you’re in the majority. The Pew Research Center found that one dating sites, only a third of people actually go on dates with people they chat or match with. What are the other two-thirds doing? And just keep in mind that as of the end of last year, Tinder’s wikipedia page states that around 50 million people are using the app every month, with an average of 12 million matches per day. You are by no means in a minority if Tinder serves as a fun way to see who likes you and see who else is out there.

As new social media comes and goes, we need to adapt and learn how we can use it best for our own lives. If you find yourself struggling with self-esteem and wondering if anyone will ever like you, Tinder should put that thought to rest. Pick up your phone, search your app store for Tinder (try just typing in T and it will show up, likely as the top result). Spend a week on Tinder and see how much more attractive you will begin to feel.

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