Friday, May 2, 2014


I have a time machine that I will often run away to. Every one of my spare minutes, seconds even, are spent there. Getting lost in time and space has become the pastime of my life.
My time machine is my memory.
Pride for me comes in knowing and understanding. Love also translates in my mind as knowing and understanding, but not just anything. In understanding and being understood I am loved and loving.
So where do I often resort to? Moments in time where I felt and believed that I was loved, and in which I loved.
Snowflakes of the soft and delicately floating sort bring to my mind a memory of serenity. Uncertainty and potential confusion lashed at my mind during the hour long drive from Greenbay to Escanaba. After pulling into the driveway hidden in the woods and faced with my new residence for weeks to come, there were snowflakes. It only takes a moment, to solidify a memory. What else it takes is effort and concentration. Taking in the environment and recognizing the star-like shining from the snow around my feet. I decided in that moment that it would all be okay. I knew and understood that God loved me, and I loved Him.

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